Please read through our frequently asked questions below. More detailed information about each rack can be found on the racks page. Please contact us with any other questions.

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Can I pick up directly from North Shore Racks to avoid shipping?
Yes. Once you enter your billing information, there is an option to select “Local pickup in North Vancouver”. This will remove the shipping charges. All pickups are by appointment only. Please contact us to arrange pickup.
Can I order a pre-assembled rack for pickup?
Yes. Once you enter your billing information, you can select “Local pickup in North Vancouver with assembly” for a $50 fee. This way, North Shore Racks will install the rack for you. All pickups are by appointment only. Please contact us to arrange pickup.
Can I lock the rack to the vehicle?
Yes. All 2″ receiver hitch models include a lockable anti-rattle hitch pin. This pin can be locked with a conventional 1/4″ shank padlock (not included). 1 1/4″ hitch models require a cable to lock the rack to the hitch.
How much do the racks weigh?
NSR-2 is 42 lbs, the NSR-4 is 50 lbs, and the NSR-6 is 69 lbs.
What kind of hitch do I need?
A 2” receiver hitch except for the NSR-2 which can be supplied with either a 1 ¼” or 2” receiver hitch bar.  The class of hitch required is difficult to specify as this often has more to do with the towing capacity of the vehicle than the strength of the hitch.  For example, a given hitch may be capable of a class II or III rating, but be labeled class I because the vehicle it was sold for is only rated to tow 2000 lbs.  We recommend you check with the hitch manufacturer.
Can I use an adapter to use the NSR-4 or NSR-6 on a 1 ¼” hitch?
No. The 1 ¼” hitches are simply not strong enough to safely support the load of more than 2 mountain bikes.  The adapters aggravate the issue by adding more leverage to the hitch.
Can I use the NSR racks with kids bikes or bikes without front suspension?
For the most part yes.  As long as there is enough room between the front tire and the fork crown for the cradle device to fit.  The cradles are made from mild steel and can be bent a little if needed by the end user for a particularly tight fork. We have used the racks with 12” and 16” kids bikes.  These bikes are very short and require a bungee or something similar to secure the rear wheels to the lower double bar of the racks.
Can I use the NSR racks with Fat Bikes?
The racks are primarily designed for mountain bikes however we’ve found that many other (non-road) bikes usually do fit. There has to be enough clearance in between the front tire and the top for the fork for the cradle device of the rack to fit. It would need to have a minimum of 3” in between fork blades and ¾” clearance in between the tire and the fork crown. We’ve had many emails from customers with Fat bikes saying they fit fine however some thick carbon forks will not fit.
Can I put road bikes onto the NSR racks?
No. There isn’t enough room in between the front tire and the fork crown of a road bike for the cradle device of our racks to fit.  We have seen people put road bikes on the racks by hanging them backwards from their handlebars, however this is not how the racks were designed to be used and we do not recommend doing so.
Do you offer industry discounts or pro-deals?
No. We do our best to keep our prices as low as we can for everyone.
Do you sell through retail stores or bike shops?
No we only sell directly through our website.  All of the manufacturing is done locally and in relatively small batches, so we can keep the quality high.  As such we don’t have the cost structure to go through the normal retail channels.
Can I use the NSR racks on my travel trailer or RV?
People use racks on the back of travel trailers and RVs all the time. Having said that just like all rack manufacturers we have a clause in our warranty regarding a void of warranty if used on RVs and trailers. The other thing to consider is the hitch. Bumper mounted hitches are not strong enough; you would need to have a frame mounted hitch. The racks can be subjected to quite a lot of highway bounce which can add stress to the rack and hitch. We would recommend contacting your local hitch specialist, so they can give their professional opinion.
Do you ship overseas?
Yes, we do. Please contact us with your full shipping address and we will provide you with a shipping quote.
Where are you bike racks manufactured?
Our NSR racks are manufactured locally in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.